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Branch Manager, Keith M. Chabot, joined United Mortgage in 2014.

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Hi, my name is Keith M. Chabot and welcome to my business profile. Over the next few minutes, you will get to know me personally and professionally. My commitment is to give you the best information at my fingertips as well as the highest version of myself at every given moment we spend together. My passion is actively pursuing self-education and teaching you the knowledge needed to make sound financial decisions for you or you and your family.

I started my formal education at Southern New Hampshire University and after 3 plus years, I transferred to the “University of Life.” I discovered that the degree, to which I wanted to attain in life, could not be taught to me in a class room environment. For the past two decades, I have been a student of self-education. I made this conscious decision over 30 years ago to be an avid reader and self-educator. Reading no less than a book every two weeks I have become a master in my field of Real Estate Investing and Financing. As well for reading, I have educated myself in over $150,000.00 in seminars and business related topics to bring to you the best of what I can be. I am a student in many subjects, but my drive for me is Financing and Real Estate.

I credit my beautiful and amazing wife for her support/patience/commitment as well as my Grandfather and my Mom for instilling values in me that make me who I am today. Being Trustworthy, Honest, Dedicated and Loyal are the building blocks of what make up who I am. My mentors and guides who have helped me with the experience I have attained in the Mortgage & Real Estate industry are some of the most famous and influential icons in the world. Even though I was only 18, my Grandfather and my Mom had the confidence in my abilities to learn, strive for success and encouraged me to never settle. Over the last 25 I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of families into clean and affordable housing in the 200 rental properties that I have owned, managed and maintained. I have also had the pleasure of helping over the last 22 years in making the dream of Home Ownership a reality for thousands of families. During these years, I have discovered my unique abilities to help guide and influence Real Estate Investors make money as well as show families, friends, co-workers and people in the community the way to Home Ownership or just becoming Debt Free.

In 2001, I founded Atlas Mortgage Funding, LLC with my overall goal being to help guide families into Financial Freedom and Home Ownership. My company had become a respected and honest place of business in over 50 states in the country. Our philosophy in what we do on a day to day basis is Families helping Families. In June of 2014 I merged all that I have learned with United Mortgage Corp.

Many of my clients and people I meet ask me who I am. It is something I enjoy sharing as I am an honest, dedicated and passionate mortgage consultant. For the past 22 creative years I have been influential, experienced and focused on serving the booming communities of the United States. My team consists of committed and attentive consultants in our high tech offices located in beautiful Treasure Coast of Stuart Florida. I am grateful that you have taken some time with me in the last few minutes. Based on my experience, I am uniquely qualified to act as your Mortgage Consultant, and it is my pleasure to show you the pathway to Home Ownership and/or Real Estate Investment Opportunities.

I hope that as you navigate through this informational website, you may take a few minutes to email me and let me know what your goals are. I look forward to our time together as we will learn from each other.

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