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Fixed Rate

This is a traditional, fixed-rate mortgage with a 15 or 30 year term.

Adjustable Rate

This loan suits those who plan on staying in their new home for a short amount of time or would like lower payments.

VA Loan

A special loan program for military and military veterans.

FHA Loan

This loan offers homeowners the ability to qualify with as little as 3.5% down and is great for first-time home buyers.

Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage enables a borrower to access the value of the property. Loans typically do not require monthly mortgage payments.

While securing a loan can often seem overwhelming, there are a few things you can do (and a few you should avoid doing) to make the loan process even easier.


  • Save & submit all future paystubs
  • Save & submit all future bank statements (all pages)
  • Keep copies of all documents submitted to processing
  • Continue to pay all your debt and loans on time
  • Call your loan officer at any time with questions or concerns
  • Have a paper trail for funds coming in and out of your account
  • Get pre-qualified before you look at homes


  • Make any cash deposits
  • Change jobs, become self-employed, or quit your job
  • Make any large purchases such as a new automobile, furniture, etc.
  • Co-sign loans for anyone
  • Apply for new credit, use existing cards excessively, or make late payments
  • Change bank accounts
  • Spend your closing funds
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